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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Boy George slams his BBC biopic

Boy George said he thought the drama lacked heart
Boy George said he thought the drama lacked heart

Boy George has slammed the BBC drama about himself, despite being a consultant on the show.

The 48-year-old Culture Club singer - whose real name is George O'Dowd - contacted young actor Douglas Booth who played him in Worried About A Boy, which aired on BBC2 on Sunday, to give him advice about the role, and asked the producers to employ his actual make-up artists to do the make-up and styling.

But Boy George later wrote on Twitter: "Verdict, beautifully shot and styled but badly written, it lacks heart and soul!"

He added: "The make-up is the best thing about it.

"It's what happens when straight blokes write about p**fs, one dimensional but great drag!"

He continued: "I'm glad the doc was made, love Doug and Matt and the Kirk guy (cute), it was entertaining but lacking!"

When the show was announced he contacted Douglas on Facebook and told him: "Just want to wish you all the best, I can't wait to see it - just don't be camp... I'm not camp'!"

The singer also met the cast and crew on set while they were filming earlier this year.

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