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Big break for Aslan and, PS, they can thank Cecelia

CECELIA AHERN could be about to give veteran Irish band Aslan their biggest break.

The daughter of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has sold more than 10 million romantic novels in her career so far.

And now the Finglas, Dublin, group have revealed that they were "stunned" to be contacted by publishers Harper Collins this week to ask whether their client, Ms Ahern, could use lyrics from one of their songs in her next book, 'The Time Of My Life'.

Part of the lyrics from the 1987 Aslan track 'Down On Me' will feature in the book, the author's first since becoming a mother, and marrying David Keoghan in June last year.

For lead singer Christy Dignam and the rest of his bandmates, though, there was better yet to come.

After being given the go-ahead, Ms Ahern then contacted Aslan to thank them personally, and to promise that should the book be turned into a movie, she would do her utmost to get their song into the film.


"This was a huge surprise for us," Aslan guitarist Billy McGuinness told the Irish Independent.

"We didn't even know Cecelia Ahern was an Aslan fan.

"She's never been sighted in the Sallynoggin Inn, or anywhere we've played -- but we're over the moon that she would like one of our songs enough to use it in a book."

Recorded for Aslan's 1987 album 'Feel No Shame', the lyrics to 'Down On Me' are likely to inject a certain gritty realism into Ms Ahern's normally flowery tales.

"If you think your life's a waste of time, if you think your time's a waste of life, come over to this land, take a look around.

"Is this a tragic situation, or a massive demonstration, where do we hide?" sings Dignam.

Due for release on October 13, 'The Time Of My Life' tells the tale of Lucy Silchester whose life catches up with her in the most surreal of ways, according to the Harper Collins website.

However, if the star's eighth novel follows one of Ms Ahern's earlier books, 'PS I Love You', which was turned into a big budget movie starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, it could very well give Aslan the international break they have long been searching for .

"Cecelia told us that if the book is ever turned into a film, she will do everything in her power to get our song into that movie, that she would love that," Mr McGuinness added.

Aslan will play the Leopardstown races in Dublin on Thursday, August 4.

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