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Beyonce cleared of copying song


CLEARED: Beyonce didn’t copy material for her song

CLEARED: Beyonce didn’t copy material for her song

CLEARED: Beyonce didn’t copy material for her song

Beyonce Knowles has been cleared of copying material for her Grammy Award-winning song Baby Boy.

Singer Jennifer Armour accused Beyonce of copying a demo tape she sent to her label, Columbia Records.

According to the December 21 ruling from the US Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Beyonce and her team wrote most of the melody and lyrics for "Baby Boy" before Amour's tape arrived.

"We were disappointed with the ruling, but the court gave a well-reasoned opinion," Armour's lawyer Dana G Kirk said today in a phone interview. "We disagree with them, but we certainly understand their position."

Armour claimed in the July 2005 copyright- infringement suit that Beyonce stole portions of her song Got a Little Bit of Love for You which she sent to Columbia in 2003, the year Baby Boy was released.

The case was dismissed in 2006 in federal court in Houston after Beyonce's lawyers revealed that the writing and recording of "Baby Boy" was substantially complete by February 13, 2003.

Armour claimed her manager submitted her demo recording in late February or early March, according to the ruling.

"It's unfortunate that we had to endure this long legal process, but I am hopeful this decision will allow all of us that were involved to finally move on," Beyonce said today in a statement.

Baby Boy, a Middle Eastern-influenced R&B song, was written by Knowles, Scott Storch, Sean Henriques, Robert Waller, and Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter for Beyonce's debut solo album, Dangerously in Love.

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