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Barry Devlin, Horslips: My Slane memory

"I was at Lizzy and U2 in 1981. Horslips had played with Lizzy in Wembley in 1978.

Paul (Bono) and Adam had come over from U2 to ask if I would go into the studio with them to do a demo. I subsequently did, and was astonished by them.

So I bopped along to see them and Lizzy in Slane. “The other one I remember was Dylan. My first son was born during that one. I celebrated by legging it over to Slane, and leaving his poor mother stew in the heat of high summer in the Rotunda!

“I won’t go this year because I’m too old. You’d want to be a young fella to go to any festival. These days making it to the Spar on the corner of the street is my aspiration. The only gig I want to be at any more is a Horslips gig.”