Thursday 14 November 2019

Band producer paid with a painting

Kathryn Williams paid her record producer with a painting
Kathryn Williams paid her record producer with a painting

Music-trio The Pond have told how they had to pay their producer with a musical instrument and painting because they're as poor as "church mice".

The band, whose album was produced by Portishead's Adrian Utley, is fronted by Kathryn Williams, a Liverpool-born, Newcastle-based singer-songwriter.

Kathryn said: "He's got quite a good ear! He doesn't do a great deal of work, really, and he did it as a favour for us.

"We wanted someone we could trust, but also someone with fresh ears. I paid him with a painting that I did, and Simon bought him this strange triangular instrument. That was Adrian's payment, which was good as we're all poor as church mice."

She added of the painting: "It was long and thin, of planets in a constellation formation on a dark, dark sky. I think it was a good payment, considering how much time was involved. It's a rare commodity."

Kathryn also said she was once mistaken for the Welsh opera star who shares the same first name.

"I once had an old couple come to see me thinking I was Katherine Jenkins. You can't get more different - she's thin, blonde and loud, and I'm fat, dark and quiet," she said.

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