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Awkward - Leona Lewis refuses to sing during appearance on Xtra Factor Arabia

SHE’S not known for diva antics - however Leona Lewis left the presenter of Xtra Factor Arabia in an awkward position after refusing to sing during a TV appearance.

Lewis had performed on the main show as this week’s guest performer, however during an interview afterwards on Xtra Factor she refused to sing.

Host Rita Hayek asked the former X Factor winner to sing a few lines from one of her songs at the end of their interview.

"Thank you, Leona. You were glowing on stage tonight - We want to hear something special before you leave the Xtra Factor studio tonight”, she said.

Leona replied: "Oh, I didn't know I was going to have to sing."

Hayek continued:  "Something very brief, something special for the Xtra Factor viewers", before Lewis interrupted saying: "I didn't prepare anything."

Clearly beginning to get awkward, Hayek asked Lewis if she could remember her first audition song from X Factor, to which Lewis again interrupted: “I didn’t prepare anything”.

Hayek finally gave in, saying: "You don't have anything in mind to" before Lewis replied: "Eek! No!"

The show went off the air moments later.

Lewis won X Factor in 2006, and despite breaking the U.S and having chart success globally, her career has struggled in recent years.

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