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And here are the results of the hair jury.... Jedward hair down - Douze points

THE jury has voted and the results are now in. Jedward will wear their hair flat for tomorrow night’s Eurovision final.

In the true spirit of democracy, the twins decided to ask for fans’ feedback on the hair raising issue.

The duo had ditched their high hair style on Tuesday night, as the flat look worked better when the twins take a soaking in the final minutes of their high energy performance of Waterline.

However after some fans missed their signature high hair style, the twins said that they might reinstate their spikey hair for Saturday night.

However speaking in their hotel this morning, John Grimes said: “We have thought about this a lot.

"Eurovision 2012 is to be the moment we launch 'Jedward flat hair'.

“We figure that existing Jedward fans will vote for us whether our hair is flat or spiky.

“But to win Eurovision we need to connect with new fans all across Europe on Saturday night and that can only be done with flat hair.

“Of course it’s a break with tradition but that's what Jedward are about. We always do something different."

Last night John and Edward stayed up till 2am watching the second semi-final on a poolside TV at their hotel.

Although the Grand Final of Eurovision takes places tomorrow, this evening they will take part in filmed rehearsals at the Crystal Hall which will be shown to juries around Europe who will who decide 50pc of their vote in the contest.

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