Saturday 7 December 2019

Amy Macdonald's song for Butler

One of Amy Macdonald's songs was inspired by Gerard Butler
One of Amy Macdonald's songs was inspired by Gerard Butler

Amy Macdonald has revealed she wrote her song An Ordinary Life for Gerard Butler.

The Bounty Hunter actor is a fan of the singer and she went to meet him at the premiere of his film Law Abiding Citizen, but was so stunned by the flock of hangers-on he attracted that she was inspired to write the song instead.

Amy, 22, revealed: "I thought, 'This is bizarre, this Hollywood actor telling me I rock and I'm amazing,' but that night there were so many people there just so hungry for fame - all these people were round him like flies on, you know..."

She added: "So that song's actually about him. You're in this room and everyone's looking at you.

"For me, I've still got that ordinary life."

Amy recorded her latest album at Paul Weller's Black Barn studios and the Modfather volunteered to play guitar and bass on the tracks.

She revealed: "It was a last minute thing, he just came in and said he wanted to play something so it's great having him on the album, an honour. You don't say no if Paul Weller wants to play on one of your songs.

"Unfortunately, I wasn't there when he was recording. I had to go on tour, but my producer Pete was there and had that strange job of saying, 'Can you do that bit again' or whatever."

:: Amy Macdonald's second album A Curious Thing is out now. She begins her UK tour on Sunday March 28 in Inverness. For more details go to

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