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All their troubles seemed so far away

In early 1964, British news photographer Harry Benson was getting on a plane for Africa when he got a call from a London newspaper asking him to go to Paris instead with The Beatles. What followed was the biggest (ticket to) ride of his life.

Benson hit it off with the Fab Four. In Paris, he took the famous photograph (top, second left) of them having a pillow fight at the George V Hotel. Then he shot their first visit to the US, including the hysteria at a New York concert, their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and the band in Florida.

Benson's luminous pictures show The Beatles performing, with fans, and relaxing amidst their increasing isolation.

The Beatles -- On the Road 1964-66, by Harry Benson, Taschen, £450. This is a collector's edition of 1,764 numbered copies. Two earlier art editions of 100 copies each (now sold out) came with a signed silver gelatin print and cost £1,000 each.

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