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Album Review: Joshua Radin * *

There is no shortage of middle-of-the-road singer-songwriters plying their trade in the US although this soft-rocker is, up to now, comparatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic.

There's little reason why this solid, but ineffectual, collection would not appeal to those who have taken Jack Johnson, say, to their hearts. Radin croons beguilingly and his gentle, introspective songs are wrapped in a cosy layer of guitars and synths. It would be easy to imagine a hushed pair -- Streetlight and Here We Go -- soundtracking some tender moment between the protagonists of Grey's Anatomy.

But those who scratch at the pretty surface will find little to excite them underneath. Many of the songs are perfectly pleasant, but there's nothing here to match more talented contemporaries such as Josh Rouse and Joe Pernice.

Burn it: Streetlight

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