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Album Review: Alice Gold - Seven Rainbows * * *

The 28-year-old Londoner (below) has been likened to Janis Joplin, but those expecting an out-and-out rock chick will be disappointed. Instead, Gold's (potentially massive) debut album fuses Florence Welch's eclecticism with Lily Allen's pop smarts to winning, if occasionally underwhelming, effect.

Allen's sometime producer Dan Carey is employed here and his alchemy is evident on the insidiously catchy lead single Cry Cry Cry and the lovely, bittersweet Runaway Love. More songs as appealing as those and you'd have thought the former Alice McLaughlin would be laughin' all the way to the bank.

But too much of Seven Rainbows sounds insubstantial and there's the frequent sense that we've heard all these before, only better, from such disparate figures as Goldfrapp and Duffy. Yet, there are moments of such beauty you'll be stopped in your tracks. The bluesy Conversations of Love showcases Gold's beguilingly raw vocals to glorious effect.

Burn it: Conversations of Love; Cry Cry Cry; Runaway Love