Wednesday 22 May 2019

Aishling Phelan: Old-fashioned it may be, but the long wait for tickets pays off

Aishling Phelan

MANY previously-pessimistic Garth Brooks fans were now buzzing with excitement as they inched closer in the queue for tickets for his highly anticipated tour stop in Ireland this summer.

The seemingly never-ending queue for Ticketmaster at Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre this morning had at first looked deflated, with many believing their chance of getting tickets was slim.

But going for tickets the old-fashioned way, rather than using technology, would eventually pay off.

The first hopeful fans had arrived outside the shopping centre at 8pm the previous night and camped out to ensure their success.

Tired faces near the top of the queue had been shivering in the cold for hours.

I arrived at 9am on the dot to gauge just how long it would take to get my hands on the most sought after tickets for this summer.

Claims that the Ticketmaster site had crashed (it hadn’t) delighted those shaking in the queue, as they moved closer to the ticket booth with their credit cards at the ready.

It was unusually calm and orderly, with no squeezing between security bars or shouting, reflecting the age group which politely lined the street.

Fans recalled his last 1997 gig in Ireland and hoped he could recreate the magic of that concert in July.

As we turned a corner into the entrance of the shopping centre, one woman remarked, ‘‘could you imagine if we didn’t get them now, coming all this way?’’

After an hour and a half wait in the queue of excited Brooks fans, I purchased four tickets for the singer’s Sunday gig in Croke Park.

At 10.30am most of the tickets for his first two dates had been snapped up but all those queuing in the chilly weather had got tickets.

‘‘Big Garth Brooks fan, was at the original concert in Croke Park, I’ve queued for an hour but wouldn’t have queued any longer than that,’’ Trish Moore from Clontarf said.

‘‘I was concerned that we might not get tickets because there was a lot of hype attached but delighted I got them,’’ Daniel Brennan said.

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