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A Take That evolution: boys strip off for new album


Take That are showing their musical evolution -- by stripping to ape the famous "ascent of man" image.

The reunited group are pictured on the cover of their forthcoming album called 'Progress' in a primal Darwin-esque shot.

Top photographer Nadav Kander -- who has photographed US president Barack Obama -- created the shot which sees the slightly blurred figures against a vivid yellow background.

The image is usually used to show man's progress from primate over the course of several million years.


The album is said to mark a radical change in style for the band, with less emphasis on ballads and more experimentation with electronic pop.

Kander's artwork has previously featured on albums by Snow Patrol and the Verve's Richard Ashcroft.

'Progress' -- which is out on November 22 -- marks the return of Robbie Williams to the group after he quit in 1995, although it is the group's third album since re-forming in 2005.

The album includes new single 'The Flood' which is also out next month.

Other songs on the ten-track album include 'Kidz', 'Pretty Things' and 'Underground Machine'.

There is also an intensely personal song by Mark Owen, 'What Do You Want From Me?'

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