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A load of tuneful rubbish!


Not Your Kind of People



Seven years after their last album and the Scots-American gunslingers pick up from where they left off: big, stadium-filling riffs, cocksure attitude from Shirley Manson, songs fashioned in the leftfield but with one eye on the charts.

Lead single Blood for Poppies is typical of what to expect -- a catchy, engaging anthem wrapped in a package that's equally indebted to US alt-rock, the electro-pop trademarked by Depeche Mode and the English punk upstarts of a quarter of a century ago.

Manson -- always a commanding presence -- manages to sound both bruising and vulnerable and the song has socio-political undercurrents too, having been inspired by the opium trade.

Their jaundiced world view, introduced on their multi-million self-titled debut (17 years ago) remains intact, although one of the album's centrepoints, I Hate Love, rams home a desire to stay outsiders a little too forcefully.

Throughout, Manson retains her youthful swagger -- she's now in her early 40s -- and Butch Vig (producer of Nirvana's Nevermind, as if I needed to remind you) abuses his drum kit with the gusto of old.

Not Your Kind of People may not reposition Garbage in the A-league, but it suggests they're likely to have longevity far in excess of what was originally imagined.

Manson, meanwhile, has had a few acting credits to her name in recent years and there's a solo album yet to see the light of day.

KEY TRACKS Blood for Poppies; Control

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