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6 things to expect from Kanye West's Glastonbury performance


Kanye West will perform on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

Kanye West will perform on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

Kanye West will perform on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

Despite the petition signed by 134,000 plus people who opposed the rapper headlining a traditionally rock dominated festival, Kanye West will top the bill on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury tomorrow night.

The legendary Pharell Williams will lead in to Kanye's set which promises to be one of the main draws of the festival - for many reasons.

How will the crowd react?  Will they pelt him with beer cups full of urine?  Or will they be blown away by brand new material?  Absolutely anything could happen, the hype is manic, and that's why it will be a festival highlight.

Here are seven things to expect:


 “I don’t know that much about Kanye’s music but right now Kanye vs. Glastonbury is about as close to that old school [clashing] vibe as you’re going to get,” said Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters fame.

“I don’t know who the dude is that started the petition but I think every one of those votes is only fueling Kanye’s f**ing fire and it could be the greatest show of all time.”

Whatever attitude Kanye normally sports (plenty), is bound to be ramped up to the max following the publicity the aforementioned petition has garnered in recent weeks.

The man himself would probably say he's got nothing to prove, but he does.  Not one known for wooing a difficult crowd, he'll likely emerge all guns blazing.  This approach may backfire.  There could be another dramatic walk off.  


Kanye is prone to ranting at the best of times.  At his Yeezus shows rants were part of the show. 

At Wireless last year he banged on about consumerism, fame, and the fashion industry.  In 2012 he slammed the media, the fashion industry (again) and the Grammys at one of his Atlantic City shows.  "I ain't crazy, I'm just not satisfied" he told the crowd.  At a show in Las Vegas he tackled racism in the fashion industry, "You don't see no black people at the end of the runway in Paris."

Given he'll be bursting with attitude at Glastonbury (see above), the ranting may be exacerbated.

New Material

It has been two years since Yeezus was released and Kanye has been gearing up for the next album, SWISH, which is due to land later this year.

He has already been randomly dropping new material from 'Wolves' to 'Only One', 'All Day' to 'FourFiveSeconds' and we're due another drop right about now.

What better time to do so than when all the world's eyes are upon you?  Producer Mike WiLL Made it hinted on Twitter that Kanye would be debuting some new material at Glastonbury, along with a photo with the star, so presumably the hint was sanctioned by Kanye himself.

Spectacle and scale

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis said, "I think he'll create an incredible show. What he's talking about at the moment is very exciting. I think he's going to take it big. I can't say anything - I can't give anything away!"

But then she would say that, wouldn't she?  In fairness, given the Yeezus tour boasted icebergs and mountains and the likes you can only imagine the treats that lie in store on the expanse of the Pyramid stage. 

Kanye takes his visuals seriously.  When a giant 60 foot circular LED screen smashed when one of his tour buses crashed, he postponed the show so the audience could see everything as it was meant to be. 

Surprise guest(s)

At the BRITS Kanye had a team of special guests performing on stage including Allan Kingdom, Skepta, Fekky, Krept & Konan, Stormzy, Novelist, Theophilus London and Vic Mensa.


Given SWISH features vocals from Sia and Vic Mensa on 'Wolves' and Paul McCartney on 'Only One' it's not inconceivable that one or both would make a surprise appearance at Glastonbury.

However, rumours abound that he will in fact be joined by Coldplay's Chris Martin and 2 Chainz.  The latter featured in the 'expect something new' tweet from Mike Will Made It so that's pretty much a given they'll pop up somewhere.


Twitter has seen a number of comments along these lines recently, "I hope someone lugs a bottle of warm urine at that muppet Kanye West at Glasto so his face comes out in piss-blisters”.

The Independent has speculated that Kanye may need to invest in "several heavy duty umbrellas and a raincoat" given the recent rather disgusting trend for audiences to lob warm plastic beer cups of urine at each other and artists on stage.

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