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5th Story admit to fame struggles


5th Story have opened up about their struggles with fame

5th Story have opened up about their struggles with fame

5th Story have opened up about their struggles with fame

Dane Bowers and his 5th Story bandmates have opened up about their struggles in dealing with fame the first time round.

The Another Level singer can be seen in The Big Reunion admitting he was not the easiest group member to be around back in the boy band's heyday.

Dane, who dated Katie Price, said: "I did have fun with the odd glamour girl here and there. The women and the drink is definitely something that I'm going to have to put my hands up to. I mean, I could drink for England.

"Sometimes, I did feel like the group revolved around me which was wrong. It never did, but I was a bit of a d*** back then."

Adam Rickett said he had struggled with trying to suppress his desire to be an actor as other boys at his school were all into rugby, and revealed: "For two years, I made myself sick from between one time a day to up to 15 or 20 times a day, to the point that I'd be throwing up blood.

"But I didn't care, because it was a way of not having to think for a day."

Kavana said he had also turned to drink: "I just felt like a complete, utter failure. That's when I turned to drink, just to cope."

Pop Idol runner up Gareth Gates admitted he had been wary of appearing on TV because of his stutter: "Entering Pop Idol for me was quite a scary, daunting prospect and the thought of having to speak on television was more scary than anything else."

Meanwhile Kenzie, who found fame with schoolboy rappers Blazing Squad, struggled to square his celebrity status with normal life.

He said: "We released Crossroads in August 2001, it went to number one on Sunday and I went to school on Monday. You'd have three Mercs waiting outside school for us, blacked out Mercs. We'd finish, school uniform, and get in the cars, like getting picked up, it was weird."

The Big Reunion airs on ITV2 on Thursday February 20.

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