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Thursday 5 December 2019

50 Cent keeps lid on personal life

50 Cent likes to keep his private life to himself
50 Cent likes to keep his private life to himself

50 Cent has revealed he likes his privacy, saying details of his personal life aren't "part of the show".

The US rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, insisted being a celebrity isn't part of his game plan, and criticised those who tell all on reality shows.

"I'm very private and it's not a part of the show - I think some people really lose themselves to the entertainment business and they become consumed so much with entertaining people that they offer everything that they actually have, even down to inside their house, as far as reality television is concerned," he told The Independent.

Fiddy, who embarks on a UK tour on March 19, added: "There's got to be a place where you stop and you actually live away from it.

"I don't really have much of a personal life to offer - I've kept what little of my life that is personal to myself."

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