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Music: Whatever’s On Your Mind by Gomez

It's an indicator of how much their stock has fallen that if you ask the average music fan about Gomez, they're likely to mention a hapless Premier League goalkeeper and not the English alt.folk band who won a Mercury for their debut album, Bring It On, in 1997.

But Gomez are very much a going concern. This is their seventh album and band member Ben Ottewell released a moderately received solo album earlier this year too.

Whatever's On Your Mind is not a world-beater by any stretch of the imagination, but it offers compelling evidence that Gomez are more than capable of delivering upbeat indie with a twist -- and it's all a long way from prevailing trends.

The string-backed title track soars, while Song in My Heart fuses electronica with textured, organic instrumentation. Lead single, Options, meanwhile, is among the most radio-friendly songs of their career. Throughout, the vocals of Ian Ball and Ottewell vie for attention, by turns gritty and delicate.

Burn it: Whatever's On Your Mind; Options

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