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Music: Talk About Body by MEN *

Le Tigre were one of those American bands who flickered briefly a decade or so ago, when electro-punk was making all the right noises and JD Samson was something of a poster-child for an androgynous look that was then all the rage.

An individual of considerable talent, she has somehow wound up fronting this desperately uninspired band -- whose numbers also include fringe scenesters Michael O'Neill and Ginger Brooks Takahashi.

The blueprint remains unchanged -- it's all processed guitars, drum machines and join-the-dots synths -- and the production is pristine and slick. Yet, MEN struggle to deliver a single track to make an impact away from this album's likely destination -- on-trend bars where the music is merely functionally cool.

Lyrically, much of it is preachy, not least the track that celebrates single-sex parentage and ecological awareness.

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