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Music: Long Player Late Bloomer by Ron Sexsmith ***

Known as a songwriter's songwriter, Ron Sexsmith remains something of a fringe attraction. Although he has several celebrity fans -- step up Elton John and Nick Hornby -- he has been overshadowed by a slew of Canadian contemporaries.

Perhaps he was seeking wider recognition when he duetted with gazillion-selling compatriot Michael Bublé last year, or maybe his late push for the masses will begin with this, his 11th album.

Long Player Late Bloomer is the catchiest, most accessible and radio-friendly of his career, although much of that homespun intimacy of the past has been well and truly eschewed. Still, it's always worth celebrating tracks composed as beautifully as these -- a handful recall Paul McCartney in his post-Beatles pomp, and in Believe It When I See It he has a global hit on his hands (in a just world). Maybe he should lend it to Mr Bublé, and luxuriate in the inevitable royalties.

Burn it: Believe It When I See It

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