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Music: Les Savy Fav ****

On hearing that this album had leaked prematurely, guitarist Syd Butler compared his disappointment to "sex without foreplay".

It's an entirely apt analogy, considering the overtly pornographic nature of this album. In its own way, Root for Ruin is as libidinous as your average x-rated rapper's songs are.

While these bristling songs are not quite as unhinged as their previous album, Let's Stay Friends, you won't be confusing Les Savy Fav for The Script any time soon, even though there is a pop strain running throughout.

Frontman Tim Harrington is the star of the show, his punk instincts rarely far from the surface and his lyrical prowess finely tuned.

Those twin strengths are especially apparent on the abrasive Excess Energies, in which this East Coaster cuts the stereotypical "tanned and bleached teeth" Los Angelino sophisticate down to size.

In places, the bile is almost unlistenable, but it's never less than compelling.

Burn it: Excess Energies; Dear Crutches

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