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Music: Joe McElderry * *

To employ the patois favoured by the typical X Factor viewer, Joe McElderry is "so last year". In case you've forgotten, the baby-faced Newcastle hopeful won the TV talent contest last December and his debut album has been a surprisingly long time in the making. (Usually, such things are dashed out to capitalise on the publicity.)

As is the tradition with projects like this, Wide Awake has been airbrushed to within an inch of its life. The production is so over the top, it's almost as if the record company wanted listeners to forget that McElderry is a very forgettable vocalist.

Yet, there are some pop nuggets here, not least the Mika-esque electro pop of Fahrenheit (it's got guilty pleasure written all over it) and the equally catchy Superman, in which the singer fantasises about the super hero's striking costume.

There's no shortage of cringey moments, either, including The Climb, the horrible debut single that was beaten to the Christmas number one slot by Rage Against the Machine.

Burn it: Fahrenheit

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