Wednesday 19 June 2019

Music: Jason Mraz * *

We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. (Atlantic)

Lisa Hannigan recently returned from a 42-date US tour in which she supported happy-clappy Californian dude Jason Mraz, he of the tricky-to-pronounce surname. Mraz is causing quite a fuss in his native land and she will have benefited from the exposure. Being exposed to the man's music for 42 nights is unlikely to have been as pleasant, however.

This third album is saccharine sweet and slickly polished -- designed to appeal to fans of such safe fare as Jack Johnson and James Morrison. In fact, Morrison pops up on one of the better songs, Details in the Fabric, which finds Mraz channelling his inner Damien Rice.

He should stick to that type of confessional singer-songwriting, as when he tries to do a Justin Timberlake -- something he tries with dismaying frequency here -- he fails badly. No amount of expensive, clever production can mask that fact.

Burn it: Details in the Fabric

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