Thursday 20 June 2019

Music: Haunted Light by Cap Pas Cap ****

(Skinny Wolves)

John Meagher

John Meagher

The Dublin-based trio have been around for some time, teasing us with sublime shows and the occasional EP. This debut album, produced by the ubiquitous Halfset and Strands man Stephen Shannon, offers further proof that this has been a freakishly fine year for domestic music.

The synth-led songs, by and large, tread the line of being inventive and fresh, esoteric and obvious. These are irresistible combinations and should ensure that Cap Pas Cap's brand of new-wave gets exposure way beyond the Dublin indie ghetto.

Grainne Donohue's aloof, dispassionate vocals offer a pleasing counterpoint to the drum-machine-and-Rapture-like bass underneath.

There's an edge and artifice here that the folks at Pitchfork would go gaga for, but Haunted Light is far more than just an album for the scenesters to name-check.

Tracks such as Friends make sure of that. Built around the sort of infectious dance groove that wouldn't be out of place on a Kylie song, Donohue's electronically treated vocals have Karen O sass written all over them.

Then there's the post punk stylings of We Are Men which, if I'd heard it in isolation, could have sworn it was a new New Young Pony Club song. Weighing in at exactly three minutes long, it's a near-perfect pop song.

Cap Pas Cap launch this album in Dublin's Workmans Club tomorrow night.

Burn it: Friends; We Are Men; Hearts

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