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Music: Creep On Creepin' On by Timber Timbre ***

Canadian music may not be in such a rich vein of form as it was five or six years ago, but there is no shortage of intriguing acts from the Great White North making an impression on this side of the Atlantic.

With a sound somewhere between Nick Cave, Antony Hegarty and Bon Iver, Timbre Timbre -- aka Taylor Kirk -- has been garnering quite a lot of attention. Yet, this fourth album frustrates and delights in equal measure.

At its best, Kirk's spectral folk-leaning songs are shot through with real accomplishment. The homespun Black Water -- a contender for single of the year -- is a thing of warm acoustic beauty and lyrical brilliance.

But all too often the album succumbs to a willful experimentalism that gets in the way of a good song. You sense that Kirk needs to rein in his fondness for excess a little more.

Burn it: Black Water

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