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Sugar rush

In the Dream of Sea Life


Dream pop fans should investigate this gorgeous collection as a matter of urgency. This Colorado duo dabble in a sub-genre that has been labelled psychtronica, of which the most notable exponent is the painfully hip Animal Collective.

Although they hail from the other side of the Atlantic Pond, Candy Claws are handled by an exciting new Irish label called Indiecator Records, which also runs a great site called Mp3 Hugger. Home to local acts such Mumblin' Deaf Ro, Indiecator also has another US act called The Very Most on its books.

Lovers of ambitious ambient music and hazy My Bloody Valentinesque wooziness will be thrilled to bits by this pleasing and ground-breaking album. It is available from the Road Records emporium for under a tenner, where it is quite literally flying off the shelves. Treat yourself, as listening to In the Dream of Sea Life is like taking a lovely long bath.

Burn it: Starry Fighter Kite; The Sun Is My Girl; Snowflake Eel Wish

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