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Aoibhinn Garrihy

Aoibhinn Garrihy

Aoibhinn Garrihy

The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre celebrated its fifth year in business by throwing a very dignified tea party in the upstairs bar.

However, the mood turned blue when reporters recalled Thomas Ostermeier's memorable 2014 production of Hamlet - during which a suspender-clad Hamlet briefly fellated Horatio on the Bord Gáis stage.

"I was stunned when I saw it," general manager Stephen Faloon confessed.

"I had seen the production in Germany, but don't remember that happening. And it isn't something you'd forget in a hurry.

"I think the actor just got caught up in the moment."

'Chicago' doesn't seem quite so risqué now, does it?

Ireland's inaugural Laureate for Fiction, Anne Enright, has credited the patience of her extended family for her success in the literary world.

"My family have always known what a book is and what real life is and the difference between the two," she said.

"They never gave me a moment's grief or rolled their eyes - and you know what I write," Enright added.

Another day and Ireland's first board game cafe, The Board House, moves one step closer to its big day.

The caff, which throws open its doors in October, will be stocked with more than 400 games including Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and Monopoly.

"Gaming Guru" Ronan McDonagh will be on site to explain rules and to prevent players from succumbing to the dreaded "gamers' rage" - a rage which allegedly erupts when the intensity of Snakes and Ladders becomes too much to handle.

"I once got quite frustrated during a game of Citadels when everyone ganged up on me," Ronan said. "I can't remember if I won but somehow, I don't think so." Let it go, Ronan, let it go.

'The Fall' actress Aoibhín Garrihy (left) is en route back to Ireland from Hong Kong - where she was busy touring with the Gate Theatre's production of 'Pride and Prejudice'.

And it sounds like the company had a roaring good time, tucking into copious amounts of dim sum.

"Thankfully, the empire line gúnaí the Bennets wear are forgiving to allow for the indulgence," Garrihy said.

Unfortunately, Mr Darcy's breeches didn't have quite the same "wiggle room".


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