Wednesday 19 June 2019

Mulcahy - TD Pat Rabbitte could take over Hook’s Newstalk radio slot

Pat Rabbitte
Pat Rabbitte


There's a rumour going round Leinster House that TD Pat Rabbitte could be taking over George Hook's Newstalk radio slot when the presenter hangs up his headphones in September.

Rabbitte is not denying the chit-chat but he is keeping his cards close to his chest. "I haven't been directly approached by anyone in Newstalk," he said.

Asked if he had heard the gossip around the Dáil chambers, he replied: "Listen, you always hear people talking in my line of work." Hmm, watch this space.

Contemporary dance often gets a bad rap but director of the Dublin Dance Festival, Julia Carruthers, is confident there is something for everyone at this year's 12-day festival.

"There's so much on offer," she said. "It isn't niche or abstract." Asked what shows she recommend punters check out, Carruthers chose 'Death is Certain'.

"You watch a dancer brutally murder 35 cherries on stage," she explained.

"She peels them, stabs them and throws them off the side of tables. Red cherry juice goes everywhere. It's gruesome but very entertaining."

Doesn't sound niche at all does it?

Robert Sheehan caused a bit of a stir when he discussed his love of magic mushrooms in the most recent edition of 'Hot Press' magazine.

The Portlaoise actor took the potent drug while exploring the Mojave Desert with his other half, Sofia Boutella. "We just wandered out into the wilderness on magic mushrooms. It was a f***ing profound experience. It was glorious. Truly fantastic," he told 'Hot Press' before offering readers a strict health warning.

"Do not take mushrooms in an urban environment, or with anybody you don't know or with people who aren't on mushrooms. You have to be with people you know who are on mushrooms in the desert." Noted.

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