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'X Factor'-style battle for film's best new Brief Brief

We've already had the Tiny Plays for Ireland, where the public -- and some of our best-loved dramatists -- presented work less than three minutes long. The Brief Brief, launched by the Eat Your Shorts film collective, gives wannabe film-makers half that time to shoot a film that is brief in length ... and in theme.

"So it can have the word brief in it, or feature a brief case or be about a brief love affair," says Suri Grennell, co-curator and co-creator of Eat My Shorts, a series of independently run short film events that have taken place around the city since Summer 2010.

Daughter of Michael Grennell (panto aristocracy with 30 years of cross-dressing under his belt), she's a student film-maker who, along with best friend Dermot Collins, wanted to provide a platform to film-makers to present work they poured their heart and dole into.

"I'd spent ages making a short film and really wanted to screen it. I knew others felt the same way. But when we put the call out for submissions, the quality was so high I daren't show mine."

Instead they formed Eat My Shorts and, to date, have hosted two mass screenings of short films, as well as screenings on top of a double-decker bus, in the back of a cab and in an 18th-Century ballroom during the Castle-palooza Music Festival.

It's at Castlepalooza that the winners of The Brief Brief will be screened, with the top entries battling it out X Factor- style on the Castlepalooza Facebook page before the event.

Before that, they curate their first festival in The Twisted Pepper. Starting next Saturday at 11.30am and running through the night, it's broken down into themed, matinee and main screenings, showing everything from music videos, documentaries, animations and experimental shorts, with workshops on script writing, special effects and music in film. Best of all, it's free.

"We didn't want to charge, as that puts a block to people seeing the work," says Collins. "We're trying to create a sense of community, to provide a place where film-makers can socialise and interact"

Eat My Shorts Short Film Festival, The Twisted Pepper, from 11.30am. Registration required

for all workshops.

http://eatmyshortsfestival. tumblr.com/

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