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Sunday 26 January 2020

Wright relished risk of new film

Robin Wright plays a fading actress in The Congress
Robin Wright plays a fading actress in The Congress

Robin Wright has revealed she embraced the risk of playing a washed-up, fading version of herself in new film The Congress.

The 48-year-old House of Cards star plays a has-been Hollywood actress called Robin Wright, who trades in the rights to use her image for a lucrative 20-year contract with a film studio who promise to make her forever young in animated form, in the movie created by Waltz With Bashir director Ari Folman.

"Ari asked, 'You're taking a risk [with this role], can you do that?'" revealed Robin. "I said, 'F**k yeah, let's go!'"

Robin has always trusted her instincts when it comes to work, tuning down parts in early Nineties movies Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves and The Firm so that she could devote more time to her two children, daughter Dylan and son Hopper, with ex-husband Sean Penn (they divorced in 2010).

"I've no regret about it," she insisted. "When I had my kids, I always knew that was the priority, and career always came second. I knew making that choice to be a full-time mom, and turning down commercial movies, took me out of the game.

"And I was absolutely fine with that," she adds. "I did it very willingly and happily and loved it - loved raising my kids."

Now she has a string of movie roles in the offing, and won a Golden Globe for her performance in House Of Cards earlier this year.

Robin said: "I feel very blessed. I've actually done more work in the last five years than I've done in my career.

"I usually averaged one [job] a year, because I was being a mom. So, knock on wood, the work's coming still - the quality work."

And while the Robin of The Congress would readily trade quality roles for youth, the real-life Robin wouldn't want to be a spring chicken again.

"You couldn't pay me enough to be 20 [again]," she said. "Too stressful and so many tears. God, no thanks!

"You know when you're young, you're not scared, you don't have that fear? You haven't had those experiences that caused the fear of what may come? I think I'm going back to that non-fear place.

"It's weird. I just thought, 'What are you wasting your time for? Just go for it'. "

:: The Congress is released on Friday, August 15

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