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Woody the pimp gets back into acting game

Not since the forgettable 2000 comedy 'Picking Up the Pieces' has Woody Allen starred in a film he didn't direct. But John Turturro managed to coax Allen back into acting for 'Fading Gigolo' with an enticing role: an elderly but novice pimp.

And it wouldn't have occurred if Allen and Turturro didn't happen to share a barber. Though Allen and Turturro knew each other somewhat as Turturro had a small part in Allen's 'Hannah and Her Sisters'.

"I knew he liked my work," Turturro said in a recent interview. "But I don't sit next to him at Knicks games."

'Fading Gigolo' premiered over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. The festival had a host of celebrities and A-listers, including Sandra Bullock, who was there for 'Gravity', and Reese Witherspoon who attended 'The Devil's Knot' premiere.

In 'Fading Gigolo', Turturro plays a florist who begins making money (with the help of Allen's character) by rendering his services to women.

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