Saturday 18 January 2020

Williams: Ensemble work a treat

Robin Williams enjoyed working with the cast of Happy Feet Two in Australia
Robin Williams enjoyed working with the cast of Happy Feet Two in Australia

Robin Williams has said he was tempted back to the set for a Happy Feet sequel because of the opportunity to work with all the cast together.

The comic actor reprises the dual roles of Ramon, leader of the Adelie penguins, and Lovelace the Guru in Happy Feet Two.

He said it was the collaborative approach to Happy Feet that enticed him back for the sequel. "When I did other animations, I was usually alone, but in this we record together in the same room, so it's a pretty wonderful experience. And we worked in Australia, which is even better."

Most of the cast shipped out to record their roles together.

Co-star Elijah Wood said: "When you're in LA and everyone goes home at night, it doesn't feel the same. I love being on location making films, because you're in a bubble of the world of the film."

The film's director George Miller said he wanted to "follow nature" as closely as possible for the characters - apart from when it came to those played by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.

Bill (Damon) and Will (Pitt) are existentialist krill, who escape their swarm only to realise they're at the bottom of the food chain. Will sets out to undo Darwinism by trying to become a predator himself.

Director Miller said: "They have those big eyes which lend themselves to animation, so we thought it would be interesting to have this story of one krill who thinks there's got to be something else."

Williams added: "The idea of predator krill is one of my favourites. Watching Matt and Brad playing off each other was like seeing Abbott and Costello on acid, saying, 'I'm going to evolve, s***w Darwin, I'm going this way'."

:: Happy Feet Two is in cinemas now.

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