Monday 9 December 2019

Will Ronan strike a bum note with movie fans? Singer strips off for cheeky big screen debut

Ronan Keating stars in 'Goddess'.
Ronan Keating stars in 'Goddess'.
Keating and his wife played by Laura Michelle Kelly.
He plays the role of a whale conservationist, seen here returning home.
Keating's character washes the dishes.
Keating's 'cheeky' debut.
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

HE’S had a career spanning almost two decades in the music business, but now Ronan Keating is set to strip off for his debut movie role.

The Boyzone singer is set to star in Australian film ‘Goddess’, which sees him play the role of a devoted whale conservationist.

While Keating’s character travels the world, his bored wife installs a webcam in their kitchen and performs song and dance routines about her day-to-day domestic chores.

Through her performances she goes on to becomes a web sensation.

Fans are set to see a lot more of Keating than ever before - when his character returns home he has no idea the webcam is installed, and proceeds to wash the dishes naked except for an apron.

It is the singer’s big break in the acting world, having previously failed to nab parts in both Moulin Rouge and The Hobbit.

The singer told The Irish Independent earlier this year: “I've been waiting for the moment to get the film ('Goddess') out and it is great people having faith in me. By seeing the film people can make their mind up and hopefully they think I can act”.

The film is released in Australian cinemas on March 14th.

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