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Will Daniel Craig be the longest serving James Bond?


Daniel Craig is working on the next Bond film Skyfall

Daniel Craig is working on the next Bond film Skyfall

Daniel Craig is working on the next Bond film Skyfall

The current 007 Daniel Craig could beat Roger Moore’s record of starring in seven Bond films.

Daniel Craig could become the longest serving 007, after Bond producer Michael G Wilson said he’d like Craig to beat Roger Moore’s record.

This would mean Craig signing up to another 5 films, a multi-million pound deal which would take Craig’s Bond toll to eight. Roger Moore is currently the actor who has starred in the most Bond films – seven between 1973 and 1985.

Wilson said: “I’d love Daniel to surpass Roger’s record and do eight pictures. A lot of people have said Daniel’s been their favourite Bond since Sean Connery and I can’t argue with them. He’s doing a great job.”

The 43 year-old said he is taking it one film at a time: “If this Bond is successful there will be another after that”.

If the deal goes ahead, he may be in his early 50s by the time he finishes them. Moore also holds the record for being the oldest Bond, he was 45 when he began filming his first – Live and Let Die – and 58 when he announced his retirement in 1985.

Craig is currently working on Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes. This new Bond film will be his third, having previously starred in Quantum of Solace and Casino Royal.

Wilson said Skyfall will have a distinct 1960s style: “The director Sam Mendes and Daniel are taking it back to a 60s feel – more Sean,” he said. “I think that’s what the fans wanted.”