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Monday 15 July 2019

What did Bradley Cooper say to his companion when he failed to win Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTAs.....

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper denies saying 'Who’s that?’ as he was beaten to Best Supporting Actor by an unknown African actor at the BAFTAs last night.

The American Hustle star was caught reacting to not winning the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor by the eagle eye BAFTAs camera.

News media are claiming he exclaimed: “Who’s that?” as he lost out to Captain Phillips star Barkhad Abdi.

While he sportingly clapped the winner,  Cooper was seen by thousands of viewers at home turning to the party next to him and saying something while laughing.  Earlier reports suggested that he did not know the actor who had beaten him to claim the award.

Barkhad, the 28-year-old former Somalian refugee, plays a Somali pirate opposite Tom Hanks in the movie Captain Phillips.

However, a representative from Harvey Weiinstein's movie company contacted independent.ie to say that Bradley Cooper was in fact saying "That's great!" to his companion, and that the America Hustle star was familiar with his fellow nominee Abdi.   According to the rep, Cooper was upset at the suggestion he did not know who Abdi was. 

Abdi's astonishing  rise to prominence comes after a lifetime of struggle, that saw him move from Africa to Minneapolis in Minnesota, USA, at the age of 14, where he was working as a limousine driver.

After being discovered by Paul Greengrass for the movie, he won great critical acclaim, not only securing himself an Academy Award nomination for the role, but newly, a BAFTA.

However, American Hustle didn’t miss out completely. Jennifer Lawrence scooped the Best Supporting Actress award, which director David O’Russell picked up on her behalf. Eric Warren Singer and David O Russell also won Best Original Screenplay.

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