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WATCH: Domhnall Gleeson and Lenny Abrahamson talk working together on The Little Stranger

Actor and director talk new supernatural drama with Independent.ie


Domhnall Gleeson has revealed that his new film, The Little Stranger, will be among the work he is most proud of when he looks back on his career.

THe 35-year-old Dublin actor plays the lead role in director Lenny Abrahamson's highly anticipated new film, his first since the Oscar-winning Room in 2015.

Gleeson plays Dr Faraday who, during the summer of 1948, tends to patients at Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked as a housemaid.

The supernatural drama is based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Waters and also stars Charlotte Ramnpling as the lead of household, Mrs Ayers, and Ruth Silson and Will Poulter as her adult children.

Star and director spoke to Independent.ie about the film, which releases in Ireland on September 21.

"It's not a straightforward novel in terms of genre so there are ghost elements and it's scary in places, and it's unnerving, atmospheric, but it's also really about stuff," reveals Abrahamson.

"It's about the class system, it's about how people carry their disappointments, their longings, their sorrows and what that does to a person over the course of a life. 

"So you try to marry these different kind of tonal elements and thematic elements."

Speaking about working with Domhnall, he said, "I love working with Domhnall because he has this unusual ability, which some actors have, which is to be both in the moment, to be carried along in the drama and exist in the scene, but he can also step away and talk about the project, talk about the character.

"So he's like a collaborator in that sense, that you are directing him but also using his insights into the character to help you understand the film as a director."

Gleeson admits he "loved the process" of discovering his character and the other characters in the film via the novel and then through filming and also in the edit.  He says it will be among the projects he will be "proudest of".

"At the end, when you look back and think, what did I do? I think things like this are the stuff that I'll be proudest of.  It's working with somebody and also, as an actor, being able to trust them so much that you can be led fearlessly."

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