Sunday 17 November 2019

WATCH: Bill Murray talks about impact of fame in previously unheard 1988 interview

Bill Murray on Letterman in 1982
Bill Murray on Letterman in 1982
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The latest in PBS's brilliant Blank on Blank series of previously unheard interviews with major stars has been released and it's a treat.


Bill Murray was interviewed by Irish America magazine writer TJ English in 1988 and he revealed the impact fame had on his life.

It was four years post-Ghostbusters and the year Scrooged was released with Ghostbusters II in the pipeline for 1989.

The interview kicks off with Murray asking if it's a Q&A and when he finds out it is he goes, 'S***!' and calls for more coffee.

"I had to do one the other day and I was a little sloppy for it and I saw this guy [the interviewer] going, realising he would have to make me sound coherent!"

He talks about being treated differently after he got famous, becoming "an ass" and being treated like "an ass".

He reveals he gave his mother an American Express card and in the first year she bought a tow when her car broke down, the second year she went to the dinner on her birthday, and the third year she rented a condo for the whole winter and brought friends and family.

"She's figured it out," he jokes.  "She had nine kids so technically she could get away with mruder.  Whatever number she runs up on me it's not even a misdemeanor."

Murray, who was aged 38 at the time, went on to admit fame had given him some special treatment like getting "into a restaurant without a suit and tie on".

“You can talk to girls more easily,” he added. “They will talk to you. You don’t necessarily do better, but they will talk to you.”

On the flip side he said, “On Ghostbusters, they had somebody following us to control us, to make sure we didn’t do anything too weird.”

Check out the Blank on Blank highlights with complementary animation here:

Here's the full interview:

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