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Friday 22 November 2019

Wahlberg and Denzel talk Two Guns

Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of Two Guns in New York
Mark Wahlberg at the premiere of Two Guns in New York

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington have told how impressed they were by each other's willingness to try anything on new movie Two Guns.

The pair were both accompanied by their wives as they turned out for the premiere of the action film in New York.

Mark told movie blog Wegotthiscovered.com: "We've known each other for a while, but what surprised me was how willing Denzel was to just try anything. We wanted to add some humour and shake things up a bit, combining comedic elements a bit with the dramatic aspects of the movie.

"He's also a giving actor. He's really supportive of me, I've been a big fan of his for a long time, and he let me do my thing.

Denzel added: "I knew Mark was not just funny, but he has a warmth in him - a heart in him - that I loved.

"And Mark's a good guy. Everybody I've talked to, when they heard I was working with him, they said he's just a regular guy like me - it was easy. It was like let's go, let's hit it. He hasn't lost his way, he's not trippin'."

The film is about a Navy SEAL and a drug enforcement agent who end up working together to clear each other's name.

They were joined on the red carpet by co-stars James Marsden and Paula Patton, who brought husband Robin Thicke as her date.

Mark revealed he and Denzel got on very well off screen as well as on.

He said: "I've always admired him, we've know each other socially a little here and there, we've got a lot in common, we both have four kids, I was able to ask him for advice and pick his brain both personally and professionally."

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