Sunday 26 January 2020

Up directors blown away by awards

Pete Docter, and co-director Bob Peterson, are thrilled with Up's success
Pete Docter, and co-director Bob Peterson, are thrilled with Up's success

Up directors Bob Peterson and Pete Docter told how the success of the 3-D animated movie had blown their minds.

The film was a box office smash, scooped Best Animation at the Baftas, a host of other awards and is up for both Best Animation and Best Picture at the Oscars, the first animated feature to get a Best Picture nod since the animated category was introduced.

Pete said: "It's just fantastic, kind of mind-blowing really."

He went on: "From the beginning, to me anyway, I always felt this would be one of our sort of niche films that we were very proud of, but probably would be rather small attendance and kind of oddball, just 'cause the story is such a strange idea."

He continued: "So when it came out it's been second only to Finding Nemo at the box office, it's the second highest grossing Pixar film and we've just had a fantastic response from the critics, and all these award shows, I don't know how you get better than this.

"I feel like we should just retire now - because what else can we do?!"

Bob, who also voices dog Dug in the film, told him: "Sorry pal we got more movies to make!"

He added: "But it's been a thrill, it really is. And for us having written the movie, the Oscar writing nomination that's very special to us. Best Picture - wow! That's amazing."

:: Up is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

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