Tuesday 24 October 2017

Tom Cruise's 'Impossible' dream

Four years after the last Mission Impossible film, Tom Cruise is set to return for a fourth instalment in the highly profitable franchise.

Once again, Cruise will play special agent Ethan Hunt, who will no doubt be faced with the usual daunting scenario. Last time, the bad guy planted a bomb in his head.

Cruise will be hoping the film will provide his career with a much-needed boost, as he hasn't had a big hit in years. But for Paramount, Mission Impossible IV will present an embarrassing about-turn.

Cruise and Paramount parted company in the most acrimonious fashion in 2006, when the film star was unceremoniously dropped by the studio with which he had achieved a 14-year run of box-office success.

The studio's decision followed his controversial comments on the use of anti-depressants and his increasingly vocal advocacy of Scientology.

Sumner Redstone, chairman of parent company Viacom, stated at the time that Cruise was being cast adrift because his erratic behaviour had damaged his value.

However, it now appears that both sides are willing to put aside their past grievances in order to work together.

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