Tuesday 21 January 2020

This sculpture of Owen Wilson’s nose will totally make you say ‘wow!’

Student Savannah Lopett created the piece, and while her teacher may not have understood it, the internet certainly did.

By Edd Dracott and Isabel Togoh, Press Association

An art student has wowed the internet with her sculpture of actor Owen Wilson’s nose.

Savannah Lopett, a senior at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, embarked on the impressive project in her sculpting class, much to the initial bafflement of her teacher.


Wilson has endeared fans over the years with his unique, yet comforting way of expressing surprise.

After reaching the front page of Reddit, Lopett’s plan is to get the artwork to the man himself.

“(My plan) was to first create a wall piece of a nose, and Owen Wilson’s nose was the first famous nose to come to mind!” the 21-year-old told the Press Association.

“The collage and ‘wow’ meme aspects of it didn’t come to me until once I started working on the project.”

Lopett’s masterpiece was made using chicken wire, plaster, and a whole lot of tissue and printer paper.

The nose features Wilson holding different expressions and in various roles, flanked by two gradient Ws.


“I looked like a complete stalker printing out all these pictures of him at my school’s library,” she joked.

She added: “My teacher really didn’t like this idea at first because he didn’t get it, but he never discourages us from going with our instinct.

“Once it was done he still didn’t get it but he thought it turned out great!”

Indeed, it did. And Loppet was over the moon that her work became internet famous.

The student said: “I had no idea it would get this popular. Today is probably the best day of my life and I could die happily knowing that my amateur art made the home page of Reddit.”

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