Sunday 20 January 2019

This Marvel superfan has seen Avengers: Infinity War 42 times

Tony, a father of three, went viral after documenting his epic journey.


By Edd Dracott, Press Association

A keen Marvel fan has watched Avengers: Infinity War 42 times.

Tony “Nem” Mitchell’s remarkable journey, which he chronicled with pictures from start to finish, has been shared online thousands of times.

“I had already seen the film four times in the first three days, and I just decided to keep watching it,” Tony, from Charlotte, North Carolina, explained to the Press Association.

“Pretty soon it became habitual to watch it daily. Sometimes twice in one day.”

Infinity War is the third Avengers film, featuring fan favourites such as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, and smashed box office records after its release in April.

The father of three says his love for the film stems from growing up reading the comic books on which the film is based, adding: “A bit of nostalgia kicked in when Thanos first hit the screen.”

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He said: “I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out ever since 2012 when everyone first saw Thanos in the post-credit scene of the first Avengers movie,” said Tony.

“Infinity War, to me, is a cinematic masterpiece. The acting, the settings, and fight scenes, the score – all absolutely amazing.

“The movie is so enthralling, you stay on the edge of your seat the entire time.”

Though unconfirmed, the full-time YouTuber and musician believes he holds the world record for seeing the same movie at the cinema during its theatrical release.

“The message I’d like to share is, if you want to do something, no matter how weird or unusual it may seem, if it brings you happiness, by all means do it,” Tony added.

“Don’t let things get in the way of your own personal joy. Your life will be so much better.”

Wearing a series of different Marvel T-shirts, Tony concluded his adventure on a Douglas Adams-inspired 42 viewings.

“Will I watch it again?” said Tony. “I’ve already pre-ordered the tickets for tomorrow.

“I have no plans on stopping until it comes out on blu-ray. Then I will have a room in my house set up where it just plays continuously 24/7.

“Haha just joking. Am I though?”

Is he?

If you’d like to keep up to date with what Tony’s up to, check out his YouTube channel.

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