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Thursday 12 December 2019

'They were free settlers but I'd have preferred if they were convicts!' - Nicole Kidman chats to Independent.ie about her Irish ancestry and her new film

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

It has been 22 years since Nicole Kidman filmed 'Far and Away' in Ireland with ex-husband Tom Cruise, but the Hollywood star would love to film here again.

Speaking to Independent.ie, she revealed that her paternal ancestors came over to Australia on the SS Susan from Ireland in 1839.

"So we came as free settlers but I would have preferred if we came as convicts but what are you going to do!" she laughed.

"But I'm very proud of that that being part of our heritage, that we were the people that were willing to do that and explore new horizons.

"We definitely have a strong, on my father's side, a strong Irish slant.  We come from the line of the Callaghors and, obviously how I look, you know, I have the Irish skin.  Then on my mother's side I have all the Scottish blood.  So I'm very much a mix."

She added, "I'd love to go back and do something because I think just the climate, I come alive there, of course, because that's where my ancestry is from, I think you do tend towards where you're so I tend to flourish in that cooler climate."

Of the possibility of working in Ireland, she said, "I haven't been asked to do anything there.  The producer of the film I just did in Australia [Strangerland, which comes out next year] was Irish - Macdara [Kelleher, of Fastnet Films] and he was wonderful to work with. 

"And there was a lot of crew who came - it was a production between Australia and Ireland so now I've to go to Ireland to reciprocate!"

Nicole (42) was in London to promote her latest film, the psychological thriller 'Before I Go to Sleep' in which she plays a woman who has a form of amnesia which means she wakes up every day with her memory wiped.

"I liked the idea of not having any sort of tricks, trying to do a film that's primarily based on human emotions and trying to decipher and decode things through just your eyes because there's very little dialogue," she says.

She adds, "I love the thriller genre.  I like when it works, when you jump out of your seat.  I've always liked that since I was a kid.  I'm always looking for thrillers."

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