Monday 18 November 2019

'That's your f*cking question?' - Uncut clip of Cate Blanchett losing patience with Aussie interviewer

Clare Cullen

A clip of Cate Blanchett chewing out an interviewer for a bad question has gone viral - but the uncut clip is even worse.

TV presenter Jonathan Hyla posted the uncut version to his Twitter as he felt publications were "misrepresenting" the interview.

The uncut clip shows how Blanchett was brought to the point where she asked "Is that your f*cking question?' following a series of questions around beer and whether or not the woman in the blue dress on the wall behind her was, in fact, Cinderella.

Blanchett takes the interview in her stride at first, joking that she prefers vodka and then attempting to steer the conversation back on track with a thinly veiled barb. "To bring it back to the movie - one of us has to do our job".

Blanchett is a vocal advocate of the 'Ask Her More' campaign, which encourages reporters to ask women questions of substance in interviews and on the red carpet.

The final question, which was introduced as "here's my serious question", was "how did you get that cat to do what you wanted it to on a leash?"

Blanchett appears stunned by the question and responds, "that's your question?". When the reporter replies "I tried to put my girlfriend's cat on a leash once", Blanchett inturrupts, saying "that's your f*cking question?... Nice to meet you".

This clip follows in the footsteps of previous 'awkward' interviews that went viral. One BBC reporter scored two viral hits with his very awkward interviews of both Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston.

Blanchett previously went viral during an E! red carpet event, where she questioned the 'dress cam' for taking a sweeping up-and-down shot of her, saying "Do you do that to the guys?"


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