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Ten valuable life lessons 'Mean Girls' taught us

It's been ten years since the cult hit 'Mean Girls'
It's been ten years since the cult hit 'Mean Girls'
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

It's been ten years since the cult hit 'Mean Girls'. Memories of that rite of passage when you sat down to watch Lindsay Lohan onscreen as Cady Heron with your friends will come flooding back to most today.

But, aside from the laughs and hilarious sayings that we still quote today, the film taught us some very valuable lessons. Lessons that we've kept with us for the past decade.

Here are the ten life lessons 'Mean Girls' taught us:

1. Army pants and flip-flops are a great combination

Who knew? But if Cady Heron says it’s a great style combo, then it is. We also learnt that tracksuit pants are for weekends only.

2. Wardrobe mishaps can be pulled off with confidence

Ladder in your tights? Rip more ladders in your tights. Lost one of your shoes during your last-minute run to the bus? Leave it on the side of the road. If you can pull a wardrobe malfunction like strategically placed holes in your t-shirt off with confidence, it could just about work.

3. Wednesdays are for wearing pink

Enough said.

Reality bites: the characters in 'Mean Girls' were horrible to their classmates and got their comeuppance

On Wednesdays we wear pink, don't you know

4. Everyone feels like a victim sometimes

Everyone can feel like a victim sometimes and this should be noted. No matter what you’ve been through, somebody else has been through it too.

5. Look both ways before you cross the road

This can be taken both literally (when Regina George attempts to cross the road and nearly gets hit by a bus) and metaphorically (when Cady Heron makes some bad life choices during her first year at an American high school)

6. Be careful who you trust

Making friends was on new girl Cady’s priority list when she arrived at an American high school, but she didn’t think about surrounding herself by the right people. Stick with your friends on this one.
Lindsay Lohan became part of a schoolgirl clique in 'Mean Girls', but in reality, parents also fall victim to Queen Bee and Wannabe stereotypes

Remember: Never keep a 'Burn Book'

7. Never keep a ‘Burn Book’

It can get you into big trouble. Choose the Mean Girls’ grown-ups way and talk it out. It’s less hassle.

8. Moisturising is not just having a shower

As part of Cady’s makeover, the girls taught her a very valuable lesson – a shower does not count as moisturising. You need to put on moisturising lotion too.

9. Some people can predict the weather by feeling their boobs

Some can even ‘predict’ if it is already raining.

10. Girls should support, not fight

We’ll end it on a serious note. If Mean Girls taught a fourteen-year-old girl or a forty-four-year-old woman anything, it’s that girls should support one another and stick together.

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