Sunday 15 December 2019

Swank: Tommy Lee Jones is a softy

Hilary Swank insists Tommy Lee Jones is really a big
Hilary Swank insists Tommy Lee Jones is really a big "softy" at heart

Hilary Swank has said Tommy Lee Jones is a "softy", and he said he agrees.

The actor - who directs and stars opposite Hilary in his new Western The Homesman - is known for playing tough guys on screen, and has a reputation for being somewhat grumpy.

Hilary said: "It's so easy to stereotype people. He shows what he wants to show to the press or to the world and yet he ... comes alive on set in a totally different way. He's a visionary, he's an artisan, I just was a sponge in his presence."

She claimed that behind that dead stare and those grunts is a "softy".

Tommy added: "I don't know. That's not a word that I would use to describe anybody, much less myself, but it sounds positive right? So yeah, all right, I'm a 'softy'. Yeah, I'll accept that."

"He doesn't suffer fools. That's a really good way to say it," explained Hilary. "I think his time is precious - all of our time is precious - and he just chooses specifically how he wants to spend it."

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