Tuesday 28 January 2020

Stunts prepared Renner for Bourne

Jeremy Renner will take the starring role in the next Bourne film
Jeremy Renner will take the starring role in the next Bourne film

Jeremy Renner has said his stunt training for the latest Mission: Impossible film also helped him prepare for his starring role in the next Bourne film.

The Hurt Locker actor and co-stars Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton had to endure months of training with a stunt co-ordinator to build themselves up for the fight scenes, which proved invaluable for Renner, as he was preparing to take up the baton from Matt Damon as the lead actor in the next Bourne film.

Although called The Bourne Legacy, it won't actually feature Damon's character Jason Bourne. Instead, Renner reportedly plays Aaron Cross, an operative from a covert Government programme, even more deadly than the brainwashing Treadstone which Bourne went through.

"We treated the job of doing stunts as if we were athletes - we would ice our bodies like football players do," he said of his gruelling M:I stint.

"You have to be really on top of your game physically, just so you don't get injured, because that can get very expensive for the production if you have to shut something down because you get hurt.

"Tom got me on a really great programme to stay in shape, but more importantly, he taught me how not to get injured. That was the best advice I got from him, which continued on all the way down to Bourne."

As hard as he tried, there were inevitably knocks and bruises.

"Oh you get banged up!" he laughed. "If you don't get banged up then you aren't working hard enough! When you're in a lot of fights, swinging [punches] and getting thrown to the ground 15, 20 times in a row, you get hurt. You just have to keep going."

:: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is in cinemas now.

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