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Stevens attended 'intense' bootcamp


Dan Stevens plays a US soldier in The Guest

Dan Stevens plays a US soldier in The Guest

Dan Stevens plays a US soldier in The Guest

Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens has admitted he had to embark on a tough health and fitness regime for new thriller The Guest.

The former Downton Abbey star plays a tanned and toned US soldier in the movie, about a mysterious guest who arrives at the home of a family still grieving for their dead son - who he claims to have served with in the army.

Dan said: "It was an intense bootcamp essentially - a lot of training, some martial arts.

"It was quite exciting for me, I'd never quite undertaken anything like that before, and some of that physical transformation really bled into the character."

The 31-year-old actor - who has lost a notable amount of weight since he starred as Matthew Crawley in Downton - added: "It is good to keep yourself in the sort of shape where you could play anything. It's nice to feel I could go any which way at the moment."

At a steamy point in the suspense thriller, Dan emerges from the shower wearing only a towel.

And despite some violent and gruesome moments in the film, he found the script - and "the famous shower scene" - a hoot.

"When I met with [director] Adam Wingard, we shared a very twisted sense of humour and he was delighted that I thought the script was very funny," he confessed. "It was kind of joyous, despite all the violence that occurs in it. So the shower scene, just in the context of the film, really made me laugh."

:: The Guest is in cinemas now.

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