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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 10 plot holes, inconsistencies, niggles, and questions

Daisey Ridley and John Boyega in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Daisey Ridley and John Boyega in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Ed Power

Ed Power

***WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS - do not read if you have not seen the film*** If you're a serious Star Wars fan, you've probably seen The Force Awakens (at least once) at this point. Having basked in the awe and wonder of a new Star Wars movie that isn't completely terrible, now might be the time when the film's plot holes and inconsistencies are beginning to nag.

Here are 10 questions JJ Abrams and his reboot team really need to answer if their revisiting of the franchise is to retain credibility. And yes, you better believe there are massive spoilers ahead.   This is your final warning...


1: How did Han Solo locate the Millennium Falcon?

Rey and Finn are a mere handful of Parsecs from Jakku when Han and Chewie clomp on board the Falcon. How did they get there so quickly? And why couldn't they detect the Falcon while it was rusting away for all those decades on the desert planet? Come to that – how DID it end up on Jakku in the first place? Lando Calrissian didn't seem the type to idly toss aside a space ship of strong sentimental value.

The new Millennium Falcon will be seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


2: What's the story with Maz Kanata and Luke's Lightsabre?

Only the Jedi know how to build a lightsabre and with Luke Skywalker voluntarily exiled to the furthest reaches of the universe (i.e. Kerry), these mythic weapons are incredibly rare. So how did Luke's sabre end up casually secreted away in Kanata's basement? She tells Rey that she doesn't have time to explain. Sounds like a cosmic fudge to us.


3: Why doesn't Leia refer to her son by his name?

Okay, we get that JJ Abrams is holding Kylo Ren's real name back for the big reveal when he and Han confront one another on Starkiller Base. But it feels deeply weird to hear Leia refer to her prodigal kid as "my son" over and over. Real people call their children by their actual names – allied to Carrie Fisher's disembodied delivery, it took you jarringly out of the movie.


4: Has anyone nn The First Order Seen Star Wars / Return Of The Jedi?

Note to designers of Starkiller Base: the next time you build a planet-destroying mega-weapon, it might be a good idea not to include a fatal design flaw – one easily accessible to a squadron of X-Wings.


5: How Did Poe Dameron get from Jakku to Resistance HQ?

He tells Finn that he just "woke up" after being tossed from the crashing TIE fighter and made his way back to the Resistance. What about his crucial mission to retrieve BB-8 and help defeat the First Order? Even for a cool dude with the greatest collection of jackets this side of Han Solo in Cloud City, he was pretty casual about the whole thing.

poe-dameron_70f5aee2 (1).jpg
Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


6: What happened to The Republic?

With the Empire defeated, why hasn't The Republic established a standing army to deal with the First Order insurgency? Rather than outsourcing the job to the rag-tag Resistance? To be kind, it seems a dereliction of duty.


7:Who or what are The Knights Of Ren?

Kylo Ren is the presumed leader of this order of evil Jedi. But from whence did the Knights Of Ren originate – and are they subservient to the First Order or merely allied to it? While we're on the subject, does Supreme Leader Snoke wield authority over Kylo and his chums?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


8: What's the deal with Max von Sydow ?

It is von Sydow's character, Lor San Tekka, who furnishes Poe Dameron with the coordinates that eventually lead to Luke's hideout. But by what means did he obtain this information? And how do he and Ren know each other? Come to that, why, if he is so well connected, is he apparently oblivious to the presence, also on Jakku, of the Force-sensitive Rey?


9: Did Kylo Ren lose a hand?

The Dark Side brat clearly came off second best in the muddled lightsabre duel with Rey. Is it implied that he lost a hand in the exchange? He certainly seemed badly injured and was unable to get up.


10: Why Was Luke Skywalker standing on that cliff?

How long had Luke spent staring into space when Rey found him? Also, why did he have his hood up on a sunny day? Was he simply trying to embellish his reputation as elusive and mysterious?

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