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Spurlock: New film was eye-opening


Morgan Spurlock's TV viewing habits have changed

Morgan Spurlock's TV viewing habits have changed

Morgan Spurlock's TV viewing habits have changed

Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock has revealed he can't watch TV without dissecting every second after making his new film.

The Super Size Me star's new project, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, examines movie marketing - and was paid for entirely through product placement and promotional deals.

"Being aware is half the battle, I think. Literally knowing all the time when you're being marketed to is a great thing," he said.

"A lot of people don't realise it. They can't see the forest for the trees. For me, it's been a great thing, the fact that I now literally dissect television and even watch a show like the Super Bowl, and here's this Sportsbook line at the bottom in the middle of the TV screen.

"It's like you notice all of it, and noticing it is a good thing, to kind of take away any sort of subliminal factor to it."

Morgan - who munched down countless McDonald's meals for Super Size Me - signed up around 20 companies as financial and marketing partners on his new film, which opens in the US this month.

"Most companies were simply afraid, while those that did sign on look hip and savvy for their openness and sense of humour," he said.

"There were people we started going down the path with, and once they found out they didn't have control and they didn't have the ability to come in and edit the film with us and pick the scenes they want and the shots they want, then they walked away.

"Ultimately that's what all of those companies want is to control this brand image and brand message, which I think is a huge mistake."

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